With breakthroughs in the medical world occurring virtually every day, joint alignment is prime for game-changing advancements. Lento Medical Innovation offers leading-edge, science-driven solutions, presenting healthcare professional and patients with a paradigm shift in joint alignment methodology and technology.


Our shared goals: Greater Precision – Higher Confidence – Improved Outcomes


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Lento Medical Innovation is leading the way in advancing orthopedic science through a unique and novel, technical approach to joint replacement surgery:

We offer a state-of-the-art “digital health” solution

Providing cloud-based connectivity to surgical and imaging centers worldwide for secure, easy and efficient transfer of images and other key information.

We partner directly with healthcare professionals

Remotely and interactively collaborating with surgical teams, to develop and finalize the surgical plan based on the patient-specific case. Once the surgical plan has been finalized, we design, manufacture and ship the surgical guides within an hour, ensuring prompt delivery.

We are committed to “personalized surgery”

Restoring to native joint based on the specific patient limb and joint alignment, tailoring personalized plans and instruments to each unique anatomy.